MyCompleteFocus CIC FAQs

Who are we?

MyCompleteFocus CIC is an educational company that provides a safe, fun and inspirational environment for your children to learn. We call our method of teaching CreateTech™ Learning, a combination of Maths and English which will complement their Coding skills.

MyCompleteFocus CIC (non-for-profit) is increasing Digital Inclusion all over Lewisham, with our Coding and Robotics Club, Maths and English homework Tuition, our Techy Teas/Digital Surgeries (for older clients) and Workshops in Schools.

We work with all children whatever their abilities.  We specialise in working with children with Special Needs, making us ASD and Dyslexia friendly.  We are inclusive and encourage all children to succeed.

What ages do you cater for?
Ages: 6 – 11: Keystage: 1 – 2: Years: 1 – 6
Ages: 11 – 18: Keystage: 3 – 5: Years: 7 – 13.
Adults 25+: Digital Inclusion and Techy Teas.
What are the MyCompleteFocus CIC Code and Robotics tuition classes?

MyCompleteFocus CIC has experience in teaching digital know-how in a wide variety of settings, see Techy Teas/Digital Surgery page

We also encourage children to explore their creativity and technical skills, in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. We call our CreateTech™ learning technique.

Our tutors will be on hand to offer advice and support for the various projects that the children want to develop. As well as being fun and innovative, we aim to develop skills and learning abilities which will compliment the current school curriculum.

We offer:

MyCompleteFocus CIC Coding and Robotics Club – Saturdays mornings 10.30am – 12.30pm

MyCompleteFocus CIC Coding and Robotics Lessons – following National Curriculum guidelines and innovative STEM teaching methods – Weekdays evenings, starting Wednesdays.

MyCompleteFocus CIC Coding and Robotics Summer School. Starting 2018.

What Maths and English tuition do we offer?

Technological Learning: We are using IXL online program, which is an immersive learning experience that provides comprehensive, curriculum-aligned maths and English content from Key Stage 1 – 5. IXL will help our children succeed. We will engage students with IXL’s interactive content, target their needs with our adaptive technology, focus on Tutor instructions with insightful analytics. So you can also watch your child reach their full potential.
As well as using IXL, MyCompletefocus CIC, will be having one to one sessions with the children. We will be assisting with homework off the computer, when necessary. We pride ourselves in the way we can work with each child’s individual needs, and tailor their learning plan to suit them.

Offline Learning: We are teaching small groups of children English and Maths, with the Tutor. We will be assisting with homework, working on hand writing skills, and we will be setting offline extra homework when needed to help your child reach their goals. We pride ourselves in the way we can work with each child’s individual needs, and tailor a learning plan to suit them.

We will discuss with you what percentage of time you want your child learning off and online.

How much does tuition cost?

Prices range from approx £20 per month – £100 per month, for each child – per tuition session (hour long), or from approx £90 per session – £300 per session for Workshops and Lectures. these depend on the plan you choose. Or for bespoke pricing, please just ask!  Please take a look at PRICE PLANS page.

How do I register my child for Tuition?

Book through PRICING page.  Any questions please go to our CONTACT US page or use the number above.

How will I know the progress my child is making?

We will assess of your child’s needs during their 1st induction session, we will then create a learning plan, which will be assessed and reviewed at regular monthly interviews with you. You will receive the written initial assessment as well as the monthly follow ups. We will make these more frequent if we feel there is a need for your child to be monitored more closely.  IXL online learning will also give you updates on your child’s progress through email, after every activity your child undertakes. If you need to speak to us at any time about your child’s progress or special needs we will set up an appointment at the nearest convenient time for all concerned.

Do you follow the National Curriculum?

Yes! We do follow the National Curriculum. As mentioned the subjects we teach are English, Maths and ICT, Coding/Programming and Robotics.  You can talk to the tutor in more depth about what your child needs to work on.


Can you help my child achieve recognised qualifications?

Yes!  We will be working towards assisting your child through SATS, 11+, GCSEs and other recognised qualifications within STEM National Curriculum

Will my child receive any certification?

Yes!  After your child has completed the Maths and English Modules within IXL, they will receive certification.  We are currently working on MyCompleteFocus CIC CreateTech Coding and Robotics Certification.

Does my child need to bring any of their own equipment?

The only equipment your child needs to bring is:
• Pens and Pencils for offline homework
• Homework book from school
• Any reading books they are actively reading at home or at school
• Extra writing paper
• A drink and snack for break time (We provide water. No food or other flavoured drinks because of health and safety)
• Misc (A specific piece of equipment or tool that assists your child’s needs – this will be discussed in initial meeting)


Where are you located and how can I contact you?

Our centre is in Lewisham, London.  Our full address is MyCompleteFocus CIC / Rushey Green Time Bank. PlaceLadyWell, Unit B, 261 Lewisham High Street, London SE13 2NY. Our unit is around the back of the small boutiques, next door to the Cafe of Good Hope. We have a map on our CONTACT US page

When does the Summer School start?

The MyCompleteFocus CIC Summer school will be launched next year 2018.  We will be doing Tech days around Lewisham, during the summer period.  If you wish to sign your child up for 1 – 1 sessions during the summer break please go to our Contact us page.

  1. Rushey Green Festival – Ladywell Arena – 2nd July 2017 12.00pm – 16.30pm
  2. Lewisham People’s Day – Rushey Green Time Bank – 8th July 2017 12.00pm – 18.30pm
  3. Ewart Road Club Open Day – Ewart Road Club House 22nd July 2017  11am – 16.30pm
How do I register my child for Summer School?

Coming soon.

How much will Summer School cost?
What will my child learn at Summer School?

Coming soon.