The History of MCF Techy Teas

After attending a Rushey Green Ward Assembly (RGA) meeting in 2014, we realised that there was a need for helping older people access new and emerging technology.  We applied to the RGA CDF and we were awarded a fund to start these courses.  

So we started in 2014 with a set of 6 weekly sessions which lasted a year long for groups of up to eight (each session lasting approx 2 hours).  We were able to recruit participants with the help and now long association with Lewisham Pensioners Forum (LPF).  When that project ended, we moved over to the LPF buidling, at The Saville Centre.  This building has now closed down and we hold the meetings at St Mauritius House, Lewisham Park Road 
Our ethos was we believed that information should be freely available and accessible to all, regardless of age, ability or any other factor. The primary objective of the MyCompleteFocus Techy Teas was to provide high quality training and support to over 55’s within Lewisham. We worked with the Borough of Lewisham.
Our secondary objective of the project was to provide necessary hardware, software and services  to fully exploit the benefits of the internet to those who may otherwise be restricted by financial or by other factors. Ultimately, we hoped to be able to provide universal access to IT and the internet for over the age of 50 in the ward.
The course structure we used for the 50+ group was created by Jane Hopkins, who was part of the Lewisham Pensioners Forum and we have adapted elements of it. And this has changed and developed over the years.


Toby, Susan and Damien, signing up trainees at the Lewisham Pensioners Forum, Well-being and Health conference.


We have now finished the 2nd course of six weeks, and we have some amazing trainers and buddies that have made it all a success.

Buddies at the time were: Anahita, Trevor, John, Maureen

Thanks to you all!  We have moved on from here and as mentioned on the Techy Tea page, have pop up session with other volunteers/